European Janusz Korczak Academy
Janusz Korczak

Education –

to make human rights
become a part of people's
everyday life –

Jewish perspective

European Janusz Korczak

Human rights are a matter of politics. But not only politics. They also make part of family, school, they are everywhere outside; they are part of everyday life. Janusz Korczak Academy strives to find ways and provide any possible assistance, pragmatic or creative, to promote the realization of these rights seen and understood from the Jewish perspective. The Academy's actual programme is aimed at »translating« these rights into simple comprehensible language in collaboration with political activists, pedagogues, journalists, doctors etc.

The academy offers both formal and informal education, makes research and conducts various pilot projects. Why »Janusz Korczak«? Korczak is a symbolic person for Tiqqun Olam through learning and education. This is what the academy targets. Janusz Korczak managed to establish in the darkest times of history an open and mutually respectful coexistence with the Jewish children - isn't it a challenge for European adults in the democratic era?